What to Do Upon Arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

tanzanian visaYour flight has just landed. You have been traveling for close to a day. As you debark the plane, what do you do upon arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)? This depends on what you have to do. Did you get a visa in advance? If so, you can proceed through customs and onto the baggage area.

If you haven’t gotten your visa in advance, be diligent about getting off the plane. Have your Passport in hand and any additional paperwork. Once off the plane, get in the line for a visa. This line can take up to two hours depending on how many people on your flight also require a visa.

Showing boarding pass to staff standing in front of airport doors.  They check to make sure you didn’t get off the plane on accident for those who are continuing on the flight to Dar es Salaam.
Once off the plane, walk straight to buy a visa. Watch each line to see if they are open, the airport staff will let everyone stand in one line even if there are three lines open.
After purchasing your visa, get in lines number 2, 3 or 4.  These are the same lines that people who already had visas beforehand will be in.
Again, watch all the lines. The staff will let everyone stand in one line when other lines are open. They won’t say anything or direct anyone to open lines.

Visa Requirements

To gain entry into Tanzania, US citizens and most other nationalities will need a passport and visa. The passport must be valid for six months after the intended length of stay.

Visas can be obtained prior to departure from the USA or at your point of entry into Tanzania. If you have enough time before your trip, we recommend applying for your visa in advance.

The visa cost for US citizens is $100. More information can be found here:http://tanzaniaembassy-us.org/?page_id=76#visaForms?page_id=76#visaForms

If you didn’t obtain your visa in advance, you can get one upon arrival at JRO. The process is fairly easy. You just need to fill out a form, wait in line, pay the required fee, have them take a photo of you (yes this is a great photo after your long flight) and place it in your passport.

Alternatively, if you are flying into Nairobi —Jomo Kenyatta International Airport—and taking a shuttle to Moshi, you can secure your visa at the Tanzanian border. The shuttle service will stop at the border. You can enter the office and pick up your visa there.

at JRO

Our Client at JRO

Baggage Claim

Once the visa situation is handled, you’ll move through customs, where they will ask you a few questions and scan your hand. From there you’ll move through to the baggage area. Find your bags. If they are not there, let our driver know as soon as possible. If they are there, pick them up and exit the airport toward the parking lot.

Once outside the airport, you’ll see all the different Kilimanjaro Operator’s drivers as well as taxi drivers. Look for the one holding a Peak Planet sign and go with him.

Transfer to Your Hotel

Once you are in the vehicle, sit back a relax. It is about a 40-minute drive to Moshi. You will either be staying in the Stella Maris Executive Lodge or the sister property Weru Weru Royal Resort.

Hopefully, you scheduled an extra arrival day so you’ll have time to recover from your long flight and in case your bags didn’t arrive with you. This will allow us time to either track them down or take you into town to rent replacement gear.

At the hotel, you may look for your scheduled trip briefing time. It will be posted in the hotel lobby.

Given these points, we hope you have an easy time at JRO. We hope your luggage arrives on time, your visa line is short and you have an amazing trip.

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