Client Testimonials

We are so happy we climbed with Peak Planet

I saw your Instagram post that other proud vegans summited with Peak Planet. You all put on an amazing production and should take deep pride in what you do!

July 2017

I had a truly excellent time

Overall, I had a truly excellent time. Caspar is a very impressive guide, both in terms of his work with clients but also his manager skills (I can’t even begin to imagine what is involved in organizing a staff of 39 on the mountain). Emmanuel, our ‘chief’ assistant guide was also excellent, as were the other assistant guides (and everyone else involved in our climb, particularly Goodluck, the cook!). I think the little things made a being difference when comparing to other climbers on the mountain, such as good food, always getting the best spots at the campsite (Caspar was excellent at making this happen), the toilet porters (the public toilets on the mountain were often pretty bad), the branded t-shirts so we could recognise members of our team early on and the regular health checks. This, combined with Peak Planet’s partnership with KPAP, make me very glad that I went with you folks.

October 2017

Davis was great!

We did the Northern Circuit and the trip was great. Five Stars!

September 2017

5 Stars

I did the Lemosho Route with our wonderful guide, Casper.

Overall Rating = 5 Stars

September 2017

Five Stars!

Great trip. Very satisfied with Peak Planet and have already started recommending your company to my colleagues.

September 2017

Your guides are unbelievable!

We are on a plane to San Francisco from Tanzania — back from an amazing 9 day trek up Kili and we wanted to offer you some feedback.

First of all, your guides are unbelievable!  Davis and Magnus (and the others, but especially these two) were organized, smart, warm, aware, caring, and professional.  They inspired confidence from day one.  They knew the Mountain like the back of their hands.  We had a few medical situations that they handled artfully.  They fed us, walked with us, laughed with us, kept us going… even sang Kili songs to us (which we loved!).  And, they were never ever testy, tired or grumpy.  They were amazing!  I can’t say enough about them.  As a business owner, I understand how important good staff is to a business — these guides are definitely great staff!  Our whole group talked about it a lot — the feeling about the guides’ amazing capabilities was shared by the entire group.

In addition, the group of porters was fabulous too.  Always smiling.  Always willing to help.

And, the matching warm jackets provided to everyone were nice (KPAP blue jackets for the porters, red ones for the guides) — not only could we always recognize our group, but we could also greet our porters on their way up and down, giving us an even greater sense of being in it together.

The equipment was great — warm tents, air mattresses that were comfy, Peak Planet toilet “stalls” that were clean, the Peak Planet flag we carried all around with us!

And, the food exceeded our expectations — hats off to Francis and the assistant cook for all they did.  We’ll actually be talking about how delicious the soups were for a while.  Who would have guessed?

We offered a few suggestions to Ben, mostly around communication with the guests (eg, clarity on our arrival details, hotel details and more clarity on equipment lists for longer trips, etc.), but overall, it was a trip we’ll remember.

Thank you!!!

Kim and David
September 2017

Thank you

Medical checkups were very well executed and necessary. Guides did a great job ensuring everyone was healthy and fit to continue with their trek at high altitude.

July 2017

Thank you for the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Thanks to everyone at Peak Planet for an amazing Kilimanjaro trek followed by an equally wonderful 7-day Safari trip in June 2017.
I’m very grateful to our head guide August, who was the best encouragement and extremely helpful on my summit of Kilimanjaro.
An experience made complete by our team of porters who took care of us and made our adventure possible.

June 2017

They are truly a remarkable company.

Not only are the porters and guides the nicest people you could hope to meet, but what they manage to create, cook and build for you up a mountain is quite unbelievable. Before going, I was told by everyone who had climbed Kili to take my own food and condiments because it was inedible… not the case with Peak Planet. I didn’t lose 1lb because the food was so delicious and one girl actually gained 2kg! The company is faultless and everyone was fantastic. I actually miss everyone we had on our tour! Couldn’t recommend them enough.

July 2017

Peak Planet is truly fantastic. 

My sister and I climbed Kilimanjaro with them last week and has the most amazing time. Our group were wonderfully friendly, the support crew is great fun, very professional and incredibly motivating. Dana is also very contactable and happy to answer any questions throughout making the experience incredibly personable. Having heard from various people of their experiences with other companies I don’t think we could even compare ours with theirs. The equipment is top notch, the guides were brilliant, safety is paramount throughout, the support crew felt like family, the food was amazing- there was so much choice, it was all delicious and fresh and we all came back having gained a few pounds due how good it was! Truly a wonderful experience and a company I couldn’t recommend more highly.

July 2017

Highly Recommend

Highly recommend Peak Planet’s given approach to health/safety, supported by strong/experienced guides and on-the-ground team (tents, food, equipment, etc.)

July 2017

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much! It has been the most incredible experience! You guys were absolutely amazing throughout and your guides are truly the best!

July 2017

Thanks to everyone at Peak Planet for an amazing Kilimanjaro trek…couldn’t have asked for a better group of guides! 

Sarah and I signed up with a group trek through Peak Planet, a U.S.-based company that organizes Kilimanjaro climbs and other activities in Tanzania. We chose Peak Planet from the many guide companies out there based off of their stellar online reviews and a recommendation from Sarah’s friend Alexis, who used them a few years back when she and her husband climbed Kilimanjaro.

Gerry and Sarah
July 2017

One very happy customer!

August was a brilliant guide – confident, calm, in control and experienced. I can’t speak highly enough of him. The tents were the best on the mountain and food was superb. I couldn’t have had a better trip – thanks to the entire team at Peak Planet – one very happy customer!

July 2017

They never let us walk alone

I climbed with the best guides, assistant guides and porters. All the guides were motivating, encouraging and most importantly made sure that we were always safe. They never let us walk alone. They were also very professional and experienced.

March 2017

Absolutely Outstanding

Overall, it was a great experience and I had all the information needed before the trip and during the trip. Absolutely outstanding guides, porters, helpers, cook !!

January 2017

It was cold, but great!

Our trip is over and we all summited Uhuru Peak – thank you for the great support and service. I just want to also say we had a great guide Joshua – he was amazing and we received amazing service!
Hussain M
January 2017

Five Stars

I had a really great time. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime.

Linda B
January 2017

It is a True Adventure

My sons, a friend and I climbed Kilimanjaro from August 3, 2016 to August 10. After researching the various guides on Kilimanjaro, we selected Peak Planet. We were very happy with our choice. They picked us up at the airport and we stayed in nice accommodations. We signed up for a four person private climb on the Lemosho Route. I am 65 years old and my sons are 35 and 20 and our friend is 20. I am in good shape for a 65-year-old and the boys are in good condition. In addition, we live in Colorado and climbed several 14,000-foot peaks to get ready. This is a brief description of our experience.

We felt that the Lemosho Route was the best for us. It lasted 8 days and there was plenty of time to acclimatize to the altitude. After the second day, we spent the next 4 days between 13,000 and 15,300 feet. Do not let the difference in the altitude of the camps mislead you – there is climbing up and down ridges each day together with side climbs to the Shira Cathedral and the Lava Tower so the vertical climbing is more than it looks like on the web. Each day involves from 2000 to 4000 thousand feet of ascent taking anywhere from 3 to 7 hours. With the exception of the summit day, we did not find the climbing very arduous and there is no technical climbing at all. The summit day was tough because of the cold and the elevation but we just kept going until we reached Uhuru Point. There were many groups on the mountain from countries where they did not do any climbing at elevation like we did and they were nonetheless successful in summiting.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The scenery is spectacular going through the various ecosystems. As I said the climbing is not difficult until the summit trek. We were all very glad we made the climb. With that said, I want to prepare you for some of the difficulties we encountered. Sleeping in a tent for 8 nights is hard, especially with no showers. Cleaning is limited to wipes. The tents must be pitched on flat surfaces or you slide down during the night making it hard to sleep. The food is nourishing but not anything to write home about. They cooks do the best they can and it under the conditions. The temperature during the day was very comfortable but at night it was freezing. It surprised us how cold it was. Since we started climbing the day after we arrived, we were jet lagged and that made sleeping difficult the first couple of days. I would recommend a safari before the climb to get used to the time change. If you are coming from Europe disregard this advice since there is only a 1 or 2 hour time change. After the third day, there is no mechanical evacuation from the mountain if you get sick or injured. Four porters carry the sick or injured person down in a stretcher. There is no helicopter evacuation. I found this disconcerting at my age but all went well.

It surprised us how many porters, cooks and guides helped us. There were 23 in all including 2 guides, a cook staff and 17 porters. The porters, both female and male, were in terrific shape. We would leave camp at 8:00 am after which the porters would break down the camp. They would then blow by us and have the next camp set up before we got there. Amazing! Make sure you tip more than the maximum amount recommended.

I want to say a special word of gratitude to our 2 guides, David Sakanoi and John Seka (aka Tony Blair). We spent most of our time with these guys. I just can’t say enough about the skill they showed. David had climbed Kili 200 times and Tony 120. They lead us at a pace that seemed slow at first. We would climb for an hour and then take a 10-minute break. The pace was comfortable and we never got winded. We used this same pace the entire way up and it worked. They both were fluent in English and had great senses of humor. We were kidding one another the entire climb. They were very knowledgeable about the flora and fauna on the mountain and described the geology in detail. They instilled us with confidence that they knew what they were doing, that we were safe and would make the summit. I would heartily recommend these men to you if you are going to do the climb.

Here are a couple of final points. You need to be tough mentally and physically. We found the mental aspect more difficult than the physical. It would be easy after 2 or 3 days to think what the hell am I doing up here in this discomfort. When the guides get you up at 11:00 pm on summit night and it is snowing and the tent is frozen, it would be easy to say “enough” and stay in your sleeping bag. You need to keep going. The guides will not put you in a dangerous situation so if they say go, you go. The summit climb is very cold. Bring enough clothing with you for three layers on your legs and six on your torso. Finally, it is dark 12 hours a day so you spend half of each day in your tent. This gets tedious after a couple of days so take some reading material or games to pass the time. Like I said we really enjoyed the ascent and were glad we did it. It is a true adventure.

Craig G
December 2016

Thank you! Trip was amazing!

Peak Planet is top notch and we were all very happy with our choice.  I loved every one of our guides.  Stratton, who was one of the assistant guides, was an exceptional standout.

Scott D
September 2016

The trip far exceeded my expectations!

The trip far exceeded my expectations! The guides, chef, porters are all amazing! It was a very positive and exhilarating experience!

Barbara D
September 2016

I could go on and on about how wonderful it was to hike around Kili…

“I have just returned from climbing Kili via the 6 day Rongai Route. My friend and I (we’re 2 40 something females) had the most wonderful experience.

From the initial briefing to our amazing guides, Joseph and Viviano Mosha and the awesome food provided by Emil, we cannot fault them. We’re positive we only made the summit because of the amazing crew who supported us the whole way. The crew were highly organized, always had the camp set up waiting for us with hot drinks, popcorn, etc; the food was phenomenal (better than that served at the lodge where we stayed prior to our hike) and Joseph and Viviano were terrific. They made sure we kept at a slow pace, that we kept drinking and eating, they really listened to us especially on summit night when we were feeling the effects of the altitude (we were using Diamox but felt nauseous) and slowed the pace right down which enabled us to summit.

I could go on and on about how wonderful it was to hike around Kili for 6 days and how amazing the crew is! The most amazing experience of my life to date…right up there with having my 2 sons!!”

Trip Advisor Review

I have nothing but praise to give…

“I went to Kilimanjaro with 4 other friends and we all had a great time. We used Peak Planet to book it. I have nothing but praise to give to this companies. Ken in Peak planet answered every question we had at all times of day and night. And our guides and porters in Tanzania were wonderful. They made it not only possible but fun to get to the top of Kilimanjaro. We will never forget all the good laughs, pretty good food, beautiful views, very cold nights, and the good friends we made going up the highest mountain in Africa. Wish you all…. good luck!!”

Trip Advisor Review

We booked through Peak Planet and have only good things to say.

“We booked through Peak Planet and have only good things to say. Our guides were very knowledgeable and made us feel safe throughout our trip. The food was great and the tents and facilities were all comfortable. We had Charles and Damas who, along with Peter and the rest of their crew, are really responsible for getting us to Uhuru and back in one piece. And they made it fun. The folks at Peak Planet made our preparations easy. All in all, the Rongai route was excellent and we would recommend it to anyone”

Trip Advisor Review-

Peak Planet is perfect.

“We all successfully reached Uhuru Peak… Trip was amazing… Peak Planet is perfect… Great guides and crew… Food good not great (but who cares) and equipment very very good to excellent…

Lemosho is excellent route.. 7 day six night is the right way to do it… Not 5 nighter…too short a time and too hard a day on the day immediately prior to summit attempt…”

Stephen Z

People at Peak Planet were unbelievable great!!!

“Thanks a lot for putting together our group. People at Peak Planet tours were unbelievable great!!! 100% reliable well organized, caring and friendly.
This has been one of the most amazing experienced I have ever had!”

Alexandra C

Our Kilimanjaro experience was fantastic and definitely something that my wife and I would strongly recommend.

“Our Kilimanjaro experience was fantastic and definitely something that my wife and I would strongly recommend. Equally so, Peak Planet was excellent and I would strongly recommend both based on our dealings. The guides and porters were excellent. The camps were first class, the food was truly excellent given conditions, and the guides had good English and enjoyed chatting away whilst trekking. On the final night there were 5 guides who accompanied us to the top, and one of the guides ended up carrying our day bags to the top. Overall there were about 40 guides and porters to support the 10 trekkers.

Overall it’s a fantastic experience and one which I would strongly recommend. I have no hesitation recommending Peak Planet and wouldn’t generally recommend people!”

Ted C

The food on the climb was fantastic and special thanks to Joseph, I miss his cooking!

“Myself and two friends started the climb with four others on 25th June following the Shira route and felt very well looked after by all of the staff. Our group was led by Mussa along with Robbie and Nelson and we couldn’t have asked for better guides. Robbie was a really excellent guide to have on the climb, he’s clearly well experienced and mixed well with the group. He was very attentive and aware of how each of us individually was coping with the climb and the elements. He would be pro-active in following up with people on any issues that they’d had and would communicate these to Mussa to keep him informed too and he always helped and encouraged us to stay positive; it was very reassuring to have him there.

Both Robbie and Nelson were the heroes on summit night! All three were fantastic, singing along as we climbed through the night, keeping our spirits up but while still being on high alert for our safety.

The food on the climb was fantastic and special thanks to Joseph, I miss his cooking! For going over and above I’d also like to thank Robbie again, this time for having the patience to humor me and give me the swahili lesson I demanded! And also Jackson who also helped me with my Swahili too and to James and Moses for getting our things from a to b every day. Please pass on my thanks to all the guys; they helped make the experience what it was.

Asante sana,”

Laura C

We had a wonderful time on our climb and safari and were impressed with the guides.

“We had a wonderful time on our climb and safari and were impressed with the guides.

All three of us made the Kili summit, despite some altitude headaches/nausea. The two guides on our climb (Mussa and Julius) were very good at keeping tabs on our health issues and encouraging us where needed. Our safari guide (Omari) seemed very knowledgeable and was good company for 3 days. We also liked all of the accommodations.”

Evie N

Peak Planet was a GREAT choice.

safari-reviews“Just wanted to say thanks for all the help booking and coordinating our trip to Kilimanjaro back in February. Peak Planet was a GREAT choice. The guides were experienced and professional, and our porters were quite accommodating and friendly. Between the private bathrooms and always having the best tent locations at the campsites, we were the envy of everyone on the mountain. On summit night, while many of the other groups looked like a solemn funeral procession, our guides were singing, dancing, playing music, and entertaining everyone around us. All in all, a great experience.

The food, on and off the mountain, and the accommodations before and after the hike were also superb, and we especially enjoyed the tented lodge. We were well-prepared and knew exactly what to expect thanks to your constant support via email before the trip, and Peak Planet’s great website.

Again, thanks!!! Looking forward to recommending your services to anyone who is considering this trip.”

Richard F

…had such a wonderful experience on the mountain and has been a changed young man since

“My son, Ian, traveled with his Aunt Carla and Uncle Steven in late August/early September to Tanzania. Ian had the time of his life on this trip. He had such a wonderful experience on the mountain and has been a changed young man since this journey. His guide, Joshua, was an outstanding leader and Ian felt complete trust and respect for him. Ian and Joshua have stayed in touch – most recently when Ian obtained his Eagle Scout rank.
Peace and Many Thanks,”


That was a great experience

“Thanks for the smooth organization of the Kilimanjaro trip. That was a great experience…I will come back some day!”

Gregor A

Totally exceeded all of my expectations.

“Just wanted to let you know that I just got home from my Kilimanjaro climb and it was spectacular. Totally exceeded all of my expectations. The preparations and professional work of everyone over there was superb, from the guides, to the porters, to the drivers. Nothing went awry. I will highly recommend you all to anyone I know what wants to make the journey.

Also, thanks a ton for all of YOUR help. You made it happen!”

Mike H

We’ve done similar treks before, but this one was as good as we have experienced.

“Just some feed back regarding the Kilimanjaro trek my wife and I did during June. We’ve done similar treks before, but this one was as good as we have experienced. The gear, tents, latrines etc. were top class and the head guide and guides were as good as they get. For reference I have included their names: Nyalats? was mentioned on the forms and the guide’s names were as follows. Makiki (head guide) James, Godfrey, Declan,Hubert,Olaf and Viveano. All of these individuals would be capable of acting as head guide.

We look forward to using your company again”

Peter T

I want to thank you for a great trip.

kilimanjaro-testimonial-11“I want to thank you for a great trip. Kilimanjaro was spectacular. The guides and porters were outstanding. Your responses to my questions were always prompt and clear. Traveling to/in Africa is a little intimidating, but Peak Planet made the whole experience easy and enjoyable. I’m even considering going back.”

Eric R

All we can say is WOW.

“My husband and I got back from our Peak Planet Kilimanjaro climb and safari a few weeks ago, and all we can say is WOW. Firstly, you did such a stellar job coordinating all of the details, providing us with a perfect itinerary and booking every hotel and meal for us. Jordan and I had considered “winging it” and going with a local guide, but we were so glad that we chose to go with you, Peak Planet, because you did an exceptional job making sure all the details — the lodges, the Kili and safari guides, the meals, etc. — were all just right. The Moivaro Lodge was both gorgeous and homey, with a stunning campus. We loved the Rhino Lodge, too, especially the food and that the guides eat meals with the tourists. And we hear you gave us quite the upgrade by placing us at the Seronera Lodge, which was unbelievably beautiful and quite luxurious. Thank you!


The Bluemoon Gang

climb-kilimanjaroHere is a webpage from our clients who climbed with us on the Lemosho Route during a full blue moon in August 2012.

The Bluemoon Gang

I am so pleased with my adventure to Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and the safari.

“I am so pleased with my adventure to Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and the safari. I cannot think of anything that could have made the trip better (other than the mountain being flat or maybe a pre-scheduled massage after the climb!). Peak Planet’s staff was outstanding in all areas: customer service, professionalism, technical knowledge/skills, logistics, nutrition and health, psychology, etc. I felt safe and well cared for from the time my flight landed in Tanzania to when we left 2 weeks later.

This trip was quite an eye-opener to how much hard work from so many people goes into getting my ass to the top of a mountain, from the porters to the airport transfer personnel, to the guides, to the office staff setting things up and fielding my questions, and so many others behind the scenes. Summiting (Gilman’s) was wonderful, but the journey there and back was really where the prize was for me. Getting to know and trusting in my guides and co-climbers, and being an intimate part of nature for 7 days made this a very special and memorable experience.

I will highly recommend Peak Planet to anyone interested in Kili, safaris, and/or Zanzibar. I appreciate all the hard work on your end that made it as easy as possible for me to do something pretty unimaginable. Everyone went out of their way to assure my comfort and safety, but I would like to especially thank Neimann and Robert from my climb for consistently going out of their way to help me, as I was a bit of a challenging client at times.”


All 10 climbers summited Kilimanjaro.

peak-steve“I just returned home from the Northern Circuit route. Joshua and his team did a great job of leading the trek. All 10 climbers summited Kilimanjaro. Thanks for putting this trek together. It was great.”


At age 70… I had a glass of champagne on Uhuru Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

kili-492“Cheers! At age 70, on Sunday, January 27, 2013, at 7:00 am. I had a glass of champagne on Uhuru Peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. WOW! What a moment! Fantastic ending to a perfect climb via the Northern Circuit 9-Day Route.

Ken of Peak Planet was the best. Always prompt in answering questions by e-mail or phone and booking all needs for the climb and the safari. Staying at the Ilboru Safari Lodge in Arusha for the pre and post climb days was great. The accommodation, the staff, the setting, the food were all incredible! Ngaya and Emanuel, looked after the last minute details by coming to the Ilboru in person, checking and reassuring all “eight turisti” of their gear needs and procedures and readiness to do the climb and connections for follow-up traveling after the descent. The rental gear was of very high quality, especially, the sleeping bag and the down jacket.

All of this was certainly an indication of what was to follow: the four guides and 34 porters were awesome: caring, committed, respectful, sensitive to needs, friendly, hard working, knowledgeable. Fortunately, I met most of them individually. Modest carried my 15-kg duffel bag on his head and daily welcomed me with open arms as I arrived at the camp site. Chief Chef Robert and his staff cooked 3-course meals three times a day plus “4:00 o’clock high tea” with popcorn or cookies. The food was fresh, nutritious, delicious and abundant … I thank you Robert and Frank, the waiter, who filled my hot water bottle every night. Then there was Frank, security, who always helped zip my duffel bag with the sleeping bag and jacket spitting out from it; Stella, health, carried the porcelain-like toilet on her head and always had it set up by the time we arrived at camp. Although I had my own toilet paper, I never needed it because Stella ensured of that provision; Jackson and Nelson were ever so great in putting up and taking down my tent; I also thank Raffael for bringing hot delicious carrot soup for lunch on the second day in the jungle. I got the understanding that sometimes we were the envy of others on the mountain because our porters reached the camp sites ahead of others and got the best tent location; and our food was delicious and abundant.

Phenomenal Chief Guide Tosha was the overseer and executor of the climbing plan of 46 persons. Richard, Eli and Nicholus, the three assistants, certainly demonstrated the skills to be most capable of acting as head guide themselves. Thanks a million to all of you for your relentless caring and assistance.

My 3-day safari with guide Ali was superb. He certainly went all out to ensure the sighting of all that was possible. The Rhotia Hotel and its thatched lodges were all about atmosphere. I shall always remember its beautiful vegetable garden that provided fresh food on a daily basis.

I have been and will continue to highly recommend Peak Planet to anyone considering the climb or the safari. Thanks a million to everyone for being so professional and superb and of top class.”

Ivana B

Thanks to all for a lifetime of memories – you are the best!

“I just got back to Bangkok and my daughter to Canada after completing the 6 day Machame route climb to Uhuru Peak.  I wanted to say a big thank you to you for your organization and response to queries during the organization and planning of the trip.

But mostly want to offer huge praise for the guys on the ground who made it possible to summit successfully. Guide Joseph and assistant guide Priscus and their team were so professional, knowledgeable and caring. We really felt we had a personal relationship with them and trusted in their judgement, fully. What great guys!  I would also like to acknowledge Alex, our guide for a one day trip to the Arusha Game Park and John, who gave us our pre-climb briefing. Super professional and super friendly. Thanks to all for a lifetime of memories – you are the best!




We were very impressed

We were very impressed with this company. They did an outstanding job keeping us healthy and safe. All five of us made it to the Kili summit with their help. When our friend John Washburn started having some health issues after summiting, they took excellent care of him to get them down quickly. I can’t say enough nice things about them.  We also enjoyed meeting the two other persons on the climb.  New friendships were made. The Safari was also very enjoyable and the guide, lodging and food were all good.  Thank you for all your help handling these bookings and for addressing our many questions that helped us prepare for our trip. This trip was really a dream come true.”


Lorance Y

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and Peak Planet for providing us with the trip of a lifetime!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and Peak Planet for providing us with the trip of a lifetime!  We arrived safely back in the States yesterday, and had an absolute blast.  Everything was perfect!  We both made it to Uhuru peak and our guides & climbing team were tremendous the whole way.  Safari was equally awesome – the lodges were charming, our guide was great, and the balloon ride was just incredible.  They really do a great job with the ballooning/breakfast.

Our safari guide, Francis, knew so much about the birds of Tanzania!  We were actually wondering if we ended up with him coincidentally, or if he was given to us since I had mentioned we enjoyed birds.  Either way, it was wonderful having him.

Again, big thanks for all of your help; I know I bombarded you with questions often.  We absolutely loved Tanzania, and would go back in a heartbeat.  We were both quite disappointed to leave the beautiful animals and scenery.

Thanks so much, and all the best!”



Peak Planet truly inspired us to keep climbing- we had such a phenomenal experience.

We are hoping to share our enthusiasm with young climbers & couples for years to come.

Gaby and Justin made a great video of their Machame climb. Watch and enjoy!


Everything was exceptional and we wouldn’t change a single thing!

mount-kilimanjaroOn February 24th 2014, my husband and I went on the 10 day Lemosho route (8 days on the mountain) through Peak Planet. Everything was exceptional and we wouldn’t change a single thing! Starting from the beginning, I worked with Ken and Trevor to get everything booked. I was extremely impressed with how quickly I received responses to all of my questions! When we went to Machu Picchu a couple years ago I experienced some altitude sickness while in Cusco. I was extremely nervous about how I would do on Kilimanjaro and Ken worked with me to determine which route and length would give me the best chance of acclimating and increase my chances of making it to the summit. Personally, I think the Lemosho route is an excellent choice! Most of the research on the internet sites this route as being one of the most scenic, and we weren’t disappointed! Also, while 8 days on the mountain seemed like a long time, only 1 person out of our group of 12 had any altitude sickness symptoms prior to summit night. The longer time on the mountain was well worth it knowing we were allowing our bodies to gradually acclimate, which would give us better chances of making it to Uhuru Peak — which is what we were there for!

The months leading up to our departure, Peak Planet provided plenty of information so we knew exactly what to expect and what we should / should not take with us in our bags. We left the United States on Saturday for an arrival into JRO airport on Sunday evening. Our hike was to begin Monday morning. We knew this was tight but couldn’t leave any earlier due to limited vacation days. Most of the 12 others in our group arrived at least a day early, which I would recommend. We purchased the airport pickup and our driver was there waiting for us once we exited baggage claim. Something that really impressed me was the willingness to assist its clients. Two other clients who had arrived the previous day had their bags lost by the airline. Our driver asked us if we would mind waiting a few minutes so he could search the bags as it was suspected that their bags would be on our flight. He said that if the bags weren’t on our flight, it would cost those clients extra to have additional porters to catch up to the group after the hike has started so it would really save these two other guests if the bags were in fact on our flight. The driver searched through all the bags and eventually did find the two missing bags that belonged to the other climbers. I could immediately tell that they cared about thier clients and were willing to go the extra step to make sure they had the best experience while on Kilimanjaro.

During the hike, the service and food was way above what we expected. The guide, the assistant guides, the cook, the helping porters, the porters, everyone was so helpful and friendly. The motto on Kilimanjaro is “pole, pole” and the porters do keep a steady, slow pace. The nice thing is that they have one assistant guide for every 2 clients. This meant that if there were people that wanted to go a little slower than the lead guide for that day, they could. Everyone was able to go at their own pace, regardless of what pace that was (but no faster than the lead guide). Once we did arrive to camp each night, everything was ready to go and there were never any issues. My husband and I rented sleeping bags since we live in Florida and don’t really have a reason to own sleeping bags rated at 4 seasons. I would definitely recommend renting instead of buying brand new if you don’t already have a bag that fits the requirements. The rented bags were perfectly fine and did exactly what we needed them to do – keep us warm! The food was actually a lot better than we expected! Chicken, steak, scrambled eggs, fresh fruit… One of the other clients in our group was celebrating her 30th birthday during the climb. The guide was told the morning of her birthday and that night after dinner she was sung happy birthday and the chef made her a cake. Second thing that stood out that they really caring for their clients! Two weeks before our trip my doctor had ran some tests and told me to stay away from gluten. I thought it was way too late to make any changes to my dietary request (which it wasn’t, I should have said something!) so I just figured I would eat what I could eat and just avoid gluten each day. On the first day of the hike my husband happened to mention to the guide that I needed to stay away from gluten and the rest of the 7 days, the guide and chef went out of their way to make sure this request was met. Each day for all 3 meals the chef would prepare something special for me and bring it to me in the dining tent. Again, an example of their caring for their clients and going above and beyond what was expected and making last minute accommodations to make sure the clients had a terrific trip!

After I booked our climb through Peak Planet, I was reading blogs on the internet to learn tips from previous Kili climbers and was shocked to find out that some other tour companies require you to pay extra for a portable toilet! A portable toilet comes automatically with the Peak Planet package, and trust me you want the toilet!!! It makes a whole world of difference to be able to arrive into camp each day and know there is a toilet there and you don’t have to go dig a hole!

On Summit night, I found out that the guides will do anything to help the clients have a successful climb and make it to Uhuru Peak! Our group of 12 broke up into 2 sections about an hour into the climb. The first group was for those that could go a little faster and the second group was going to go at a more moderate pace. My husband and I started in the fast group but I quickly realized it was too fast for me! One of the guides, John, slowed down with us and led just my husband and I up through the dark. I had bought new gloves for the hike but had never had a chance to try them out since we live in year round warm weather. For some reason I could not get my fingers warm. My finger tips felt like ice cubes and eventually turned very painful. John started with giving me hand warmers to put inside my gloves, but because of the way my gloves were designed my fingers still could not get warm. Eventually John took off his own gloves and gave them to me, and he hiked for many hours with nothing on his hands (and it was very cold out)!! Also, towards the top I was starting to run out of energy because I had not eaten anything during the night (big mistake – eat before and during the summit hike!!). I had no energy left and again John gave me his own packet of energy gel that he had with him. I credit this for getting me to the summit, because it gave me the energy I needed for that last hour! Again, another example of caring for their clients and making sure their Kilimanjaro experience is successful!

For after the climb, my husband and I chose the 4 day safari extension offered by Peak Planet and I’m really glad we did. My reason for choosing the 4 day was because I wanted to go to the Serengeti National Park, which because of the distance from Arusha is only available on the 4 or 5 day safaris. We saw so many animals and “cool things” that I would definitely recommend making it to the Serengeti if time permits. The only reason we did not do the 5 day is because we didn’t have enough vacation days! Also, we were recommended by friends who had previously gone on a safari to rent a 100-400 lens to use with our DSLR camera…DO THIS!!! You will not regret it…actually, you will regret not doing this! The animals are close but Tanzania rules require the drivers to stay on the road/paths. To truly capture great pictures, you need a lens with a good zoom. We used the website and we were able to rent the lens for almost 4 weeks for less than $300.

So to sum it up, book your Kilimanjaro climb and safari through Peak Planet! You will not regret it!!


I can not say enough how wonderful our guide Henry and the staff of Peak Planet were

Jambo Trevor,

Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you. Kay and had a successful climb and a really good time. I can not say enough how wonderful our guide Henry and the staff of Peak Planet were. The rental gear was all excellent as well. All of the arrangements, transfers, everything went according to plan. Thank you so much for always being so quick to respond to any question. I can highly recommend travel in Tanzania with Peak Planet.


Nothing I experienced here in the states comes close to the job our guides and their team of porters and chef did to help us make the climb to the summit a success.

I just completed my summit climb to Kilimanjaro last week with Peak Planet and their fantastic guides. My name is Charles and I made the climb with my son Andrew. Coming from the USA and being an avid hunter I’ve had quite a bit of experience working with guides and outfitters. Nothing I experienced here in the states comes close to the job our guides ( Mussa , Rafael , Edward) and their team of porters and chef did to help us make the climb to the summit a success. The food, encouragement, help with our gear, equipment etc was better then I ever expected. I would recommend this team to anyone interested in making this adventure a dream come true. It’s a memory for a lifetime. Thanks Mussa for all you did. I’ll never forget you.


Abraham and his team were amazing.

Abraham and his team where amazing. Best time ever! I am inspired to go back and do it again!


It was a trip of a lifetime and we all made it to the summit, and will never forget our experience.

Hello Peak Planet! I just made a video of our adventure, which we just came back from doing over Lemosho 9 days with your phenomenal guides and team! It was a trip of a lifetime and we all made it to the summit, and will never forget our experience. Thanks in particular to the wonderful guides: Justin Thomas, Vivianno and Jacob! The “Dream Team” as they called themselves…were like family to us! Here’s a 26 minute video of our adventure…for those considering it.


…Was an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Worth every penny!

It’s tough to describe how exhilarating it is to summit Kilimanjaro and see the epic views.  From Peak Planet patiently fielding our numerous pre-trip prep questions to JT, our chief guide and the entire ensemble ensuring we got to the top, this was an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Worth every penny!

Visit Chaz’s blog and see some great Kilimanjaro photography and read all about his Kilimanjaro climb on the Northern Circuit Route in his 8 part series.

Kilimanjaro Day 1 – Pole Pole! Sucking Up Lost Luggage and Getting Doused

Kilimanjaro Day 2 – Thunder, Lightning ,Rain, and Hail – Uh Oh, The Big Dipper Has No North Star

Kilimanjaro Day 3 – Traversing The Great Steppe To A Cathedral Peak, Burning Rubber To Shira Hut

Kilimanjaro Day 4 – Luggage Returned, Kili, Mt. Everest Style, And Up To The Pea Soup Mist

Kilimanjaro Day 5 – Buffalo Buffalo, Plus We Do Ourselves Lent (Hill) Way Before Easter

Kilimanjaro Day 6 – African Sunrise, Kenyan Plains, Nuclear Bomb Clouds, and Third Cave

Kilimanjaro Day 7 – Upward Bound – The Final Ascent Begins With School Hut

Kilimanjaro Day 8 & 9 – Summit Time Is Glacier Time, Earth Curvature, Journey’s End

Kili - Shira Hut Day 2



We strongly recommend Peak Planet for such an adventure

In March 2015 senior leaders of one of the biggest health care organizations in the Middle East, Hamad Medical Corporation, decided to take up a challenge, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, a life time adventure. We were a group of 9 doctors ranging in age from 36 to 60.

Since many of us had not done anything like this before we had our doubts about reaching the summit. However, with the great motivation and teamwork our group showed in addition to the excellent guidance of the Kilimanjaro team we had a great success. 8 out of nine of us made it to the summit. As a a group we were very impressed by the professionalism, dedication, assistance, expertise and knowledge of the team of the guides and the other staff members.

We strongly recommend Peak Planet for such an adventure. We would definitely go with them if we have the chance to do it again.


Very grateful for the unforgettable journey to the peak.

From the first email sent to Ken to the goodbye, everything was superb.

Nagaya was professional, polite, informative at the debriefing. He set a great tone for the upcoming climb that we were anxiously anticipating. He was honest yet very optimistic. The three guides; Chris, Alpha and Raphael were incredible working cohesively as a team. What I respected the most about them that they made impossible possible; supporting us, guiding us, encouraging us. Stellar, competent and caring. Robert, the cook did a great job making sure we get the nutrition we need. We had no appetite on the mountain, but there was a good variety of food making sure we get the energy needed.

I would like to ensure that Peak Planet is aware of the incredible team of porters that we had on our journey. They were professional, polite, honest, strong, amazing individuals. Michael and Bartholomew were taking care of our tents and few times we forgot to pack some items such as my swiss army knife, and Michael brought it to me telling me I left it in the tent.

One day I forgot my rain jacket at the camp and Robert, the cook brought it to me when we were hiking…Abedi is another amazing person that helped us on the summit night, supporting my daughter and ensuring she is ok…Michael was not only responsible for our tents. He seemed to be incredible multitasking; helping with tents, food, water, washing, snacks…He was ‘everywhere’ helping everyone.

We had an amazing journey and reached our destination thanks to the dedication, expertise, motivation, compassion of every single one individual representing Peak Planet.

Sylwia W
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