Client Videos

More clients than ever are creating wonderful videos of their Kilimanjaro climb with us. We thought we’d share them all on this page.

Dr. Fred Distelhorst

Dr. Fred Distelhorst of Vail, Colorado summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in July of 2017. He was 88 years and 171 days old. That made him the oldest person to summit Kilimanjaro at that time.

Here is a video of Dr. Fred Distelhorst’s trip. This video was put together by his Grand Kids.

Jessica “Dixie” Mills

Follow Dixie up the 10-Day Lemosho Route in January of 2023.  There is a reason why this is one of the most widely viewed Kilimanjaro videos of the year….

Dixie of Homemade Wanderlust - Climbing Kilimanjaro with Peak Planet

Heather and Ryan “HR Adventures”

Join Heather and Ryan as they hike the 10-Day Lemosho Route in October of 2023.  They hiked as part of a private trek with 21 climbers.

We hiked to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lemosho Route!

Nicki Fenderson

Nicki Fenderson documents her trek along the 11-Day Norhtern Circuit in July of 2023 and a fantastic safari to the Serengeti with our guide Victor.

Mount Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit with Peak Planet

Tanzania Safari with Peak Planet

Stephen & Cassandra

A great compilation of the 11-Day Northern Circuit climbed in August 2022.

Team Simba

Join Team Simba on their adventure up the 10-Day Lemosho route in July of 2021.

Andrew & Kelsie

A fun video of Andrew and Kelsie’s Kilimanjaro climb.


This is Nicki’s video of her and her friend’s trip to Tanzania. They climbed Kilimanjaro on the 11-Day Northern Circuit route in September of 2019.


Fun video of Luther’s Kilimanjaro climb.


Jason’s day by day video of his Kilimanjaro Climb.


Our clients having a bit of fun on the Mountain.


Andrew made this video of their 8 person climb and safari.


This video was made by Trevor while climbing the Lemosho route.


In March 2015 senior leaders of one of the biggest health care organizations in the Middle East, Hamad Medical Corporation, decided to take up a challenge, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, a life time adventure. We were a group of 9 doctors ranging in age from 36 to 60.

Since many of us had not done anything like this before we had our doubts about reaching the summit. However, with the great motivation and teamwork our group showed in addition to the excellent guidance of the Kilimanjaro team we had a great success. 8 out of nine of us made it to the summit. As a a group we were very impressed by the professionalism, dedication, assistance, expertise and knowledge of the team of the guides and the other staff members.

We strongly recommend Peak Planet for such an adventure. We would definitely go with them if we have the chance to do it again.


Hello Peak Planet! I just made a video of our adventure, which we just came back from doing over Lemosho 9 days with your phenomenal guides and team! It was a trip of a lifetime and we all made it to the summit, and will never forget our experience. Thanks in particular to the wonderful guides: Justin Thomas, Vivianno and Jacob! The “Dream Team” as they called themselves…were like family to us! Here’s a 26 minute video of our adventure…for those considering it.


Abraham and his team where amazing. Best time ever! I am inspired to go back and do it again!

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