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What Pants Should I Bring for Climbing Kilimanjaro?

hiking pants for kilimanjaro

You have booked your Kilimanjaro climb, and are beginning to gather your gear. You have a weight restriction of 33 pounds for your duffel bag. So what do you bring and what do you leave behind? This is a question that faces all those who are getting ready for their adventure of a lifetime. Below are some recommendations for pants that our expert staff recommends that you pack and bring with you on the mountain.

First, what are the conditions like on Mount Kilimanjaro? This is important to know so you pack the right layers to keep your legs dry, warm, and comfortable for the entire Kilimanjaro climb.

Not to mention that Kilimanjaro is made up of five separate climate zones. Each of them requires a different level of warmth and protection. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure you bring something comfortable to fly in since the flight is pretty long.

Travel Pants

Kilimanjaro travel pantsThe first thing to remember is that a good travel pair of pants is key to enduring your long flight. We recommend a nylon blend pant which breathes and is flexible. Most importantly, it should have spandex/elastane for stretch. You may also want to make sure they have plenty of pockets for your phone, wallet, etc.

Below is a list of some recognized travel pant brands that have proven reliable.

Staff Picks


Kühl has been making outdoor clothing since 1983. They began with the Alf hat and were originally called Alfwear until the 90s. One of the founding members then developed their signature Jacquard jacket. The jacket is a Polartec fleece that introduced the world to the thumb loop. Kühl has now evolved into one of the most recognized names in outdoor clothing. Here are a couple of their pants for both men and women that we recommend for your international travel both for Tanzania and beyond.

Men’s Konfidant Air Pant

The Kühl Konfidant Air for men comes in a variety of colors. The Konfidant Air pant is made of nylon, cotton, and spandex/elastin. They have a total of 9 total pockets and venting in both the crotch and knees. The fabric’s sun protection is UPF 50.

Women’s Splash Roll Up Pant

For women, they have the Splash roll up pant which also has several pockets. It is made of the same fabric and comes in a variety of colors. The nice thing about the women’s pant is that it comes with a drawcord, but also has belt loops. Furthermore, they are also UPF 50.

Konfidant Air

Splash Roll Up

Pants to Wear on Kilimanjaro

kilimanjaro pantsSecondly, now that you have pants to travel to and from Tanzania, what do you wear that is equally as comfortable while you are climbing Kilimanjaro? Below are some of our recommendations for what pants to bring that are versatile, comfortable and weather resistant. We suggest that you bring a few different types of pants.

For starters, you’ll want a great pair of convertible pants. These should have easily removable legs for the warm daily temperatures in the Heather/Moorland and the Alpine/Highland Desert zones. You will want to make sure they are quality pants with quality zippers so they do not fail halfway up the Mountain. Again, you’ll want them to be comfortable, rugged and quick-drying. Look for pants that are water-resistant. They should be tough so they do not tear easily and made with stretchy material like spandex or elastane.

In your daypack, you may also want to carry rain pants if your convertibles are not water resistant. Rain pants should fit over your hiking pants so you do not have to change your pants if it begins raining. You’ll want to make sure they have zippered legs so you also do not have to remove your boots. Ventilation zippers are also important, especially in the humid rainforest.

For around camp, as you ascend into the higher elevations and possible to sleep in on summit night, you’ll want a comfortable pair of fleece or down pants.

And finally, for summit night you’ll want a waterproof and windproof top shell or soft shell pair of pants.

So what are some brands that we recommend? Continue reading to get more information.


Convertible pants should be the staple of your hiking pants. You’ll wear them almost every day on Kilimanjaro. Since they have zip off legs, they are the most versatile pant you can bring with you on your trek. They should be made of quick-drying, stretchy nylon. Also, look for features like zippered pockets, cargo pockets, built-in belts, and zippers at the ankle for ease of removal.

Below is a list of some recognized outdoor brands that have proven reliable.

Staff Picks


Men’s Zion Convertible Pant

Similar to their stretch pants, Prana makes a convertible pant that is made with the same water resistant, fast drying Zion material. The legs easily zip on and off and fit well over your shoes. If you were wearing boots, you’d need to remove them to take the legs off.

Women’s Zion Halle Convertible Pant

For the women, they have the Halle convertible pant, which comes in a variety of colors and is made with the same Zion stretch fabric. They zip off into a Capri length pant.

Zion Convertibles

Waterproof and Windproof Pants

In addition to convertible pants for your climb, there are a couple of other types of pants you’ll want to pack for the mountain. First, let’s talk functionality then we will give you a list of trusted brands to chose from.

For Summit night you will want to pack a pair of waterproof and windproof pants. Temperatures can hover around zero degrees Fahrenheit and with the wind, it can be unpleasant. We recommend a pair of softshell pants. They are both comfortable and practical. They block the wind, snow, and moisture.

Another type of pants is ski or snowboarding pants. They too block the wind, snow, and moisture. However, the drawback of wearing this type of pant is the noise they make when you walk.

For the rainforest, you may want a pair of breathable, lightweight, waterproof pants. But many of the pants listed here are already water resistant so if you need to shed weight, this would be an item that is optional.

Several brands of waterproof and windproof pants are:

Fleece & Down Pants

Once you arrive at camp, you’ll want to relax and recover from the hiking. You’ll want to embrace the downtime and let your body acclimatize to the high elevation. One way to get more comfortable is to change into fleece or down pants. They will keep you warm. Also if you sleep cold, you can wear them in your sleeping bag. Look for ones that have a drawstring so you don’t need to wear a belt.

Tights & Leggings

And finally—for the women—who can go hiking, traveling, or sleep without leggings, tights or yoga pants? And tights are not only for women—men wear them as well.

Here are a few brands:

We hope this list helps you choose pants that will keep you dry, comfortable and warm on your Kilimanjaro climb. If you have other recommendations feel free to email us and let us know what they are.

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