This trip was amazing. From the booking to the tipping ceremony & everything in between, it was fantastic. A few thoughts below (apologies for the brevity!)

– Guides (Caspar, Solomon, Joseph, Emanuel & Baraka) were fantastic. I trusted and felt 100% safe w them – always felt comfortable asking questions or for help and felt they always had our best interests in mind. Their positive attitudes, attention to detail and care for each climber really was extraordinary. The assistants clearly respect Caspar which kept everything running smoothly. Caspar is an amazing leader – his cool demeanor and confidence made all of us feel safe.

– Medical checks. I believe this is mentioned on the website but I’d recommend elevating this on the site (maybe in a “how we’re different/ better” section? In talking to people using other groups, it became very obvious that Peak planet is much more thorough in their medical checks which our entire group appreciated.

– Tents. We really struggled w these … our understanding was that the next group would be getting new ones, but I’d encourage corporate to re-evaluate how often they replace them. The zippers were constantly breaking. The tent crew was fantastic, working overtime to make sure they could get them in working order, but It was an ongoing battle. Corporate – please help these guys do their jobs!!

Porters – they were all wonderful. We appreciated them so much. Again, they all had smiles on their faces, were always available to help even if it wasn’t their immediate job (more food, water, etc.)

Food – wow. I can’t believe how good the food was! Keep it up!!

I wish I could offer more on areas to improve on but honestly it was just the quality/age of the tents ….

This team was fantastic and a huge asset to your organization. It was a privilege to follow them.

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