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How do you stay hydrated while climbing Kilimanjaro? That is a pretty easy thing to do.

drink water kilimanjaroDrink water

First of all, listen to your guide at the trip briefing and each night as he prepares you for the next day. He will tell you how much water to bring in your hydration bladder and water bottle. Secondly, drink the water as you hike. This is easier said than done but drink frequently. Our guides will instruct you to throughout the day. Listen to them and drink when reminded.

By drinking plenty of fluids both while hiking and at camp, your body will acclimate to the elevation increase much easier. When you are dehydrated, it causes your body to work harder and that will make it more difficult to adapt to the altitude. Read more here:

You may also bring electrolytes like Gatorade powder, Nuun tablets, powdered coconut water, Saltsticks, etc. These will also cover up the taste of the treated water. Do not put them in your hydration bladder.

Where does the water come from?

Our porters treat the water from the streams we cross along the route. They use large buckets and jugs to gather the water then treat them at camp. Once they are finished with the treatment process, they will bring you some to drink and to fill your hydration bladders and bottles. You can read more here:

Watch this video

For more information on water on Kilimanjaro watch this video:

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