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Water is provided by us throughout the entire climb.  Of course getting ample water on Kilimanjaro is always a big concern for hikers. At low elevations where streams and running water are found, water is collected, boiled and filtered.  At higher elevations, the water is filtered and purified using chlorine tablets. There is no need for you to bring any water purification devices on the trip.

How Much Water is Provided?

Each morning we will provide you with a bowl of hot water for you to use to wash up.  Before breakfast and dinner, hot water is provided along with soap for you to wash your hands. Each morning we will fill all your water containers with potable water.  You need to be able to carry enough water to last you throughout your hike during the day.  We are not able to refill during the hike, but once you arrive in camp, water will be provided and you can refill your containers at this time.

Water Containers

We recommend that you plan to be able to carry a minimum of 3 liters of water.  Please bring enough 1-liter bottles or water bladders such as a Camelbak to be able to carry 3-4 liters of water. Because you will be at higher elevations you should be drinking more water than you usually do during hikes at a lower elevation. Camelbak bladders are very convenient, but their tubing will probably freeze during the night time summit hike, so be sure to purchase a bladder that has an insulated tube.  Even with an insulated tube, it may still freeze.  Therefore, you should also bring a water bottle.  The Camelbak should not be your only method to carry water. Because these bladders are more difficult to clean, if you intend to bring any powdered drinks, you should use the water bottle when drinking powdered drinks, and keep only water in the bladder.

Disposable Water Bottles are Illegal on Mount Kilimanjaro

Powdered Drinks

We will provide water, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  After a few days on the mountain, you may be craving some other flavors in your drinks.  Therefore, we recommend bringing some powdered drink mix such as Gatorade, Iced Tea, Fruit Punch, etc… Energy type drink mixes will also help you during the long hiking days.

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