You booked your trip and now you are frantically trying to beg, borrow or steal all the right gear for your trip. But where do you start? It’s not like there is an outdoor store on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. So what do you pack to accommodate the warm, wet slopes of the rainforest that will also work on the cold upper reaches of the mountain? Here is a list of items that Peak Planet recommends. Keep in mind that you can rent some of the equipment through us by requesting it here.

Kilimanjaro Gear ListAbove is a photo of the gear I am bringing. I am borrowing a large duffel and renting a sleeping bag and pad.

1 1 Waterproof (Gortex) Hiking Boots For hiking at the top. Make sure they are broken in
2 1 Light hikers / Running shoes For lower elevation hiking and for around camp
3 1 Fleece For warmth
4 1 Quick-Drying Camp Towel Optional, but nice to have.
5 1 Beanie For warmth, fleece or wool
6 1 Snow Gloves These are snowboarding gloves, ski or any other winter sport gloves can be used as long as they are water resistant and warm
7 Toilet Paper and a waterproof bag I recommend putting your TP in the waterproof gallon size bag. It can also be used to store snack trash
8 Headlamp and Extra Batteries For moving around in the dark.
9 1 30-40 Liter Pack This is your daypack for clothes as you remove/add them and for water, snacks and camera equipment
10 1 Waterproof trekking pants These are Mountain Hardwear soft shell pants
11 1 Convertible hiking pants Removable leg bottoms to adjust for temperature. Prana makes a good, durable pair (Zion material).
12 1 Top and bottom base layer The bottom layer for warmth
13 Shemagh This is optional, but it is a very versatile scarf to keep your head, neck and face warm.
14 1 Fleece Gloves For added warmth
15 1 Shell Water and wind proof. This can also be rented.
16 1 1 pair of Trekking Poles These can also be rented.
17 Solar Charger To charge cell phone/other electronics (optional)
18 1+ Long Sleeve Pullover For added warmth
19 2-3 T Shirts Either long or short sleeve depending on how cold you get. Moisture wicking. No cotton
20 1 Medium weight gloves For warmth and stopping wind
21 Sunglasses / Cards Maybe bring a second pair. Deck of cards (optional)
22 Toileteries Deodorant, eye care (extra contacts, saline, glasses, etc) dental floss, toothpaste, tooth brush, sunscreen, nail clippers, lip balm
23 Medications Pain meds, Allergy meds, sleeping aids, anti-diarrhea, etc. Make sure they are in labeled bottles
24 Snacks (optional) You can bring some if you like, but it is not necessary. If you have dietary restrictions you can bring gluten, dairy or taste free snacks. In this case, I am bringing caffeine GUs.
25 1 / 1 / 1 Extra water bottle / Bug Repellent / Passport Bring an extra water bottle in case of failure / I don’t have much luck with DEET so I use all-natural Bug Soother
26 1 Hydration bladder It makes drinking a lot easier. Even though you are at elevation drink plenty.
27 1-2 A good camera and extra lenses How often do you travel to Africa? Make sure you can take all the pictures you want
28 1-4 / 100GB / 2 pair 1-4 camera batteries / minimum of 100gb of SD cards for the camera / 2 pair of ear plugs Batteries can fail, so can SD cards, bring extras. Ear plugs are optional
29 1 Sunhat/baseball cap To keep the sun off
30 2-3 Underwear Preferably a wicking material to wick moisture away to avoid chafing.
31 3-5 Socks In this case there are 2 pr of injinji base socks, 2 pr ankle high Thorlo socks and 1 pr tall REI socks
32 1 Puffy Jacket This can come with the jacket as a 3-in-1 or separately. It can be rented. However, I am allergic to down so I have to bring my own which zips into the hard shell.

A few other recommended items to bring: Duct tape or blister kit (Blisters), Diamox, Malaria Pills, Waterproof Gaiters

Rentable Gear: Trekking Poles, Synthetic Jacket, Sleeping Bag (Synthetic), Sleeping Pad (included), ALTOX Personal Oxygen

Tips: If you chafe easily, We recommend zinc diaper rash cream. Duct tape usually works better than Mole Skin for blisters. Just wrap some around your lip balm or similar container.

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