We are very happy with our assistant guides: Baraka and Immanuel. Baraka, he helped Adrien to get down and also carried fresh food to us all the way from down. He was so kind and has excellent knowledge of history and environments. Kudos to Baraka and Immanuel. Immanuel, he is very funny and takes care of all of us really good. They are very friendly and excellent guides.

Our summit porter Joseph was excellent taking care of our tired climbers. He helped me to get down from Mt.Kilimanjaro, without his help, I will have a very hard time. Plus, he cleaned our boots and pants every day after a hike, and my wife and I really appreciate his help. Without his help, it would be really hard for us.

Our lead guide Casper was really good at checking everyone’s health. For some part, (please see recommendation) I don’t agree with him. But overall, he helped to stop our sickness and helped everyone to climb safely. Kudos to Casper too. He suggested sleeping bag liners, which saved me from freezing to death at night. Thanks a lot for Casper.

The lodge, both Researcher’s rest and Stella Maris, all the employee were really friendly and we enjoyed it so much.
Kudos to our cook, we did not get sick from the food or water.

Kudos to our waiter, we forgot his name. He filled the hot water for us, which saved my wife during the night time.

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