We absolutely loved our climb! Caspar and Ema were total pros and ensured our safety and well-being during the entire eight days. The Lemosho route was absolutely beautiful and I was glad we took our time with a longer route to acclimate. It was also great knowing that we booked through an organization that treats its porters and other staff with respect and ensures livable wages for all workers, unlike many other companies on the mountain. One area I’d like to recommend for improvement is the rented sleeping bags – I did not feel they were warm enough, especially for the last few nights (and we brought plenty of layers with us). Additionally, it may be helpful to have the guides make some adjustments to the recommended packing list, as there were a few items that were not included that would have been helpful and some included that we didn’t end up needing (nothing that had a huge impact on our trip, but would be great to have their input). Overall, thanks for an amazing two weeks in Tanzania!

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