It’s tough to describe how exhilarating it is to summit Kilimanjaro and see the epic views.  From Peak Planet patiently fielding our numerous pre-trip prep questions to JT, our chief guide and the entire ensemble ensuring we got to the top, this was an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. Worth every penny!

Visit Chaz’s blog and see some great Kilimanjaro photography and read all about his Kilimanjaro climb on the Northern Circuit Route in his 8 part series.

Kilimanjaro Day 1 – Pole Pole! Sucking Up Lost Luggage and Getting Doused

Kilimanjaro Day 2 – Thunder, Lightning ,Rain, and Hail – Uh Oh, The Big Dipper Has No North Star

Kilimanjaro Day 3 – Traversing The Great Steppe To A Cathedral Peak, Burning Rubber To Shira Hut

Kilimanjaro Day 4 – Luggage Returned, Kili, Mt. Everest Style, And Up To The Pea Soup Mist

Kilimanjaro Day 5 – Buffalo Buffalo, Plus We Do Ourselves Lent (Hill) Way Before Easter

Kilimanjaro Day 6 – African Sunrise, Kenyan Plains, Nuclear Bomb Clouds, and Third Cave

Kilimanjaro Day 7 – Upward Bound – The Final Ascent Begins With School Hut

Kilimanjaro Day 8 & 9 – Summit Time Is Glacier Time, Earth Curvature, Journey’s End

Kili - Shira Hut Day 2


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