From the first email sent to Ken to the goodbye, everything was superb.

Nagaya was professional, polite, informative at the debriefing. He set a great tone for the upcoming climb that we were anxiously anticipating. He was honest yet very optimistic. The three guides; Chris, Alpha and Raphael were incredible working cohesively as a team. What I respected the most about them that they made impossible possible; supporting us, guiding us, encouraging us. Stellar, competent and caring. Robert, the cook did a great job making sure we get the nutrition we need. We had no appetite on the mountain, but there was a good variety of food making sure we get the energy needed.

I would like to ensure that Peak Planet is aware of the incredible team of porters that we had on our journey. They were professional, polite, honest, strong, amazing individuals. Michael and Bartholomew were taking care of our tents and few times we forgot to pack some items such as my swiss army knife, and Michael brought it to me telling me I left it in the tent.

One day I forgot my rain jacket at the camp and Robert, the cook brought it to me when we were hiking…Abedi is another amazing person that helped us on the summit night, supporting my daughter and ensuring she is ok…Michael was not only responsible for our tents. He seemed to be incredible multitasking; helping with tents, food, water, washing, snacks…He was ‘everywhere’ helping everyone.

We had an amazing journey and reached our destination thanks to the dedication, expertise, motivation, compassion of every single one individual representing Peak Planet.

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