Overall, I had a truly excellent time. Caspar is a very impressive guide, both in terms of his work with clients but also his manager skills (I can’t even begin to imagine what is involved in organizing a staff of 39 on the mountain). Emmanuel, our ‘chief’ assistant guide was also excellent, as were the other assistant guides (and everyone else involved in our climb, particularly Goodluck, the cook!). I think the little things made a being difference when comparing to other climbers on the mountain, such as good food, always getting the best spots at the campsite (Caspar was excellent at making this happen), the toilet porters (the public toilets on the mountain were often pretty bad), the branded t-shirts so we could recognise members of our team early on and the regular health checks. This, combined with Peak Planet’s partnership with KPAP, make me very glad that I went with you folks.

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