My entire trip with Peak Planet was amazing !! Your quick response time with my initial questions prior to booking, during the lead-up to the trip, and final confirmations were always quickly answered.

Godfrey was knowledge and personable Safari Guide. I thoroughly enjoyed my days on Safari and loved how he shared so much information with me; not only about the animals but about the habitat and grasses. As we drove from one Safari to the next I also learned about the region and the Masai people. This was above and beyond and so greatly appreciated as again I learned so much.

I have friends who have climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and their stories run contrary to my experience. Little things like not having a toilet or washing opportunity, to the hotels where they stayed before/after the climb. One friend even told me to bring a hoser curtain to sleep on and to strip the bed at the hotel!! This was not the case of Stella Maris Executive Lodge where everything was spotless and the staff so pleasant, personable, and excited for us.

Caspar and his team (Akardi – second guide, Alex – waiter, Joseph – Tent Master, and Hussani – cook), as well as the porters, went above and beyond. I loved we were only a group of three, it meant we were able to get to know everyone. Again, the organization was above and beyond. Caspar and Akardi at our Team Meeting personally checked all of the gear and also told us exactly what to carry in our day pack. The night of the summit Caspar also went over with us individually exactly what to wear. Again, friends who have climbed have not had this and their experiences were vastly different.

Everything from when to start taking the altitude pills, to notify himself and Akardi straight away if we do not feel well, to not self-medicate, the 2 x daily health checks; everything was just so amazing.

Zanzibar was lovely and exactly what I wanted; relaxation. Fumba Lodge is beautiful and everyone there is so nice.

I am back to reality now and I shall miss the excellent meals I had while on my trip. I will also dearly miss all of my guides and porters.

I was recommended Peak Planet by another friend who as a family had climbed/Safaried with the African Trekking Company years ago. The site linked me to Peak Planet and I am so pleased it did.

It was interesting to note how while on Safari and the climb I would hear how Peak Planet was so highly regarded and how so many guides etc. wanted to work for Peak Planet. The treatment of the porters and the safety record are important, and it is great to hear people are happy to work for Peak Planet.

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