When I finally decided to turn this dream of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro into a reality I spent several months researching various companies at different price ranges. After narrowing it down to 6 companies associated with KPAP, I ultimately chose to go with Peak Planet. I was impressed with several aspects of their company such as (1) their dedication and promise of fair and ethical treatment for the well being of their guides and porters, (2) their emphasis on quality of their hikes/experiences as opposed to quantity, (3) their focus on safety protocols, and (4) their successful summit rates. It also helped that every blog, video, and social media post I came across illustrated happy hikers and even more excited guides and porters! And I…was…not…disappointed! Our guide Caspar and his assistants Emmanuel, Future, Soloman, Stivin, along with the rest of his team were so amazing. Everyone worked seamlessly to make sure everyone in our group was well taken care of both physically and emotionally. There were so many gestures that really showed the genuine care they had for us as a group. Everything from tailoring the food to accommodate dietary restrictions, to bringing us tea and coffee to our tents every morning, to carrying our packs on those long days, to filling up our water bottles and pack bladders, to meeting us at every camp with joyful and energetic singing and smiles, to encouraging us along every day, to even teaching us some Swahili made the journey enjoyable and fun and unforgettable. I also have to mention that team Caspar really took great care of all of our health issues. He was attentive and provided quick medical attention when needed. I could go on and on but feel that words just can’t explain how amazing this experience was. It was a trip of a lifetime and highly recommend hiking with Peak Planet and team Caspar! Mount Kilimanjaro, Peak Planet, and Team Caspar stole a piece of my heart. I hope to return to the beautiful Tanzania soon! Thank you for everything!

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