There were five of us in my group. We had the most amazing time!!!!! I realized very quickly that we were there during the covid 19 pandemic and we never saw another person on the mountain until the last day that I made it to the summit. I saw six guys walking out to the summit. The porters did such an amazing job carry our stuff from camp to camp. they work their asses off. then they’d come back to get our packs and carry them on to camp. take off my boots, bring a bowl of warm water to soak my feet in.

Caspar and his crew were such a carrying group!

When we got back to Arusha and stayed in the hotel the food was off the charts great!

I’ve told many people that they need to go now because you may never see Kilamanjaro with NO People on it ever again. We have made a part of history.

And that goes for the Serengeti as well. we might have seen 10 other land cruisers! David was our guide and he was respectful and knowledgeable.

Thanks Peak Planet!

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