“I have just returned from climbing Kili via the 6 day Rongai Route. My friend and I (we’re 2 40 something females) had the most wonderful experience.

From the initial briefing to our amazing guides, Joseph and Viviano Mosha and the awesome food provided by Emil, we cannot fault them. We’re positive we only made the summit because of the amazing crew who supported us the whole way. The crew were highly organized, always had the camp set up waiting for us with hot drinks, popcorn, etc; the food was phenomenal (better than that served at the lodge where we stayed prior to our hike) and Joseph and Viviano were terrific. They made sure we kept at a slow pace, that we kept drinking and eating, they really listened to us especially on summit night when we were feeling the effects of the altitude (we were using Diamox but felt nauseous) and slowed the pace right down which enabled us to summit.

I could go on and on about how wonderful it was to hike around Kili for 6 days and how amazing the crew is! The most amazing experience of my life to date…right up there with having my 2 sons!!”

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