“I am so pleased with my adventure to Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and the safari. I cannot think of anything that could have made the trip better (other than the mountain being flat or maybe a pre-scheduled massage after the climb!). Peak Planet’s staff was outstanding in all areas: customer service, professionalism, technical knowledge/skills, logistics, nutrition and health, psychology, etc. I felt safe and well cared for from the time my flight landed in Tanzania to when we left 2 weeks later.

This trip was quite an eye-opener to how much hard work from so many people goes into getting my ass to the top of a mountain, from the porters to the airport transfer personnel, to the guides, to the office staff setting things up and fielding my questions, and so many others behind the scenes. Summiting (Gilman’s) was wonderful, but the journey there and back was really where the prize was for me. Getting to know and trusting in my guides and co-climbers, and being an intimate part of nature for 7 days made this a very special and memorable experience.

I will highly recommend Peak Planet to anyone interested in Kili, safaris, and/or Zanzibar. I appreciate all the hard work on your end that made it as easy as possible for me to do something pretty unimaginable. Everyone went out of their way to assure my comfort and safety, but I would like to especially thank Neimann and Robert from my climb for consistently going out of their way to help me, as I was a bit of a challenging client at times.”

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