MSuri, Thomas and Barraka were amazing guides; each of them spent time getting to know the guests while always keeping our health, comfort and welfare as their top priority. Barraka was a great motivator and cheerleader, always leading our chants! Thomas taught us about the mountain, the flora/ fauna, the geology etc and also provided comic relief as the GOAT (literally mountain goat skills and GREATEST OF ALL TIME guide)! He also suggested the best photo ops and helped me personally navigate some of the more challenging terrain like Cathedral and Barranco. MSuri was professional, kind and patient; he spent a lot of time with one of our members that was struggling but we always felt like it was a treat when he was with us. He is wildly respected on the mountain and I feel that is a true testament to his skills as a guide and great personality. I always felt safe and well informed after his briefings in the evening, he was very knowledgeable and was definitely the papa bear of the group! I really enjoyed my time spent with each guide, they each contributed to greatly to an EXCELLENT customer experience.

Warrior, Humphrey, Charles and Innocent were top notch. Warrior kept us nourished with healthy food that aligned with the activities of the day. His delicious cooking kept each of our team members strong and prepared us for the challenges ahead. Humphrey was such a sweetheart, he takes pride in tending to his guests and making sure we had everything we needed to be comfortable. Honestly, seeing his face every morning with coffee/ tea was one of the BEST ways to wake up on the mountain. He was courteous and gentlehearted, a true pleasure to spend time with. Charles had our camp set up every day, no detail missed. Any issues (mostly tent zippers) were quickly addressed and with a smile. He also stood guard watching our personal belongings while we dined, always a smile on his face despite the cold temps. Innocent kept our toilet clean and tidy which made a huge difference in our mountain experience, the private commode is a real game changer and he took pride in his work always making sure we had everything we needed including toilet paper and fresh water/ soap for washing. We were quite spoiled.

In general the porter crew could not have been more amazing, each of them added to our EXCELLENT customer experience! Every day the first smiling face I saw on arrival was that of my porter, Yusuf. He immediately greeted me with a beaming smile and was ready to take my pack/ poles/ gaiters. He was attentive and kind, showing me to my tent and making sure I had everything I needed to get settled. Kisna, my husband’s porter, was equally gracious and attentive. A warm smile and willingness to help us unload and get off our feet. WOW! . Each porter introduced himself and made us feel welcomed, there was never a shortage of helping hands around to make us feel as comfortable as possible. James gets the award for best dancer!

Summit Crew! I literally would not have made it to the top without the support of our AMAZING summit crew. They took care of us and babied us so graciously. The temperatures were frigid and most of our members were battling altitude or exhaustion, each crew member offered and in some cases insisted on carrying our packs for us which saved us the energy to make it to the top. When we could barely function due to altitude or exertion they graciously provided snacks, uncapped water bottles, adjusted headlamps, applied chapstick, zipped and unzipped layers just so we wouldn’t have to remove our own gloves or spend the energy opening our own packs. These guys took care of us like we were their family. I am slightly embarrassed by how helpless we must have been up there but these guys went above and beyond doing everything in their power to help us succeed and be well. Msuri, Thomas, Kisna, Alex, Floride, Nicolas and someone else that I can’t recall ๐Ÿ™ we are so grateful for your support and tender love/ care; we wouldn’t have made it without you!

All the best to Peak Planet, we have so enjoyed working with you and our Kili experience could not have been better. We will be sure to recommend and provide a more comprehensive review on social media platforms. Forever Grateful! XOXOX

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