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our climb Kilimanjaro group climbs are on sale

A bucket list item on every person who loves outdoor adventures should be to climb Kilimanjaro. And what better time than when there is a sale?

Summiting Kilimanjaro is not easy but can be achieved by anyone who is reasonably fit. Many times we have heard our returning clients say that their climb was “life changing” or the “greatest moment” in their life. Why not make it yours.

Despite the immense height, you can summit with no advanced technical skills. Mount Kilimanjaro is truly the highest, most accessible, “walkable” mountain on the planet. It stands at 19,341 feet and has a trail leading all the way to the sign on top of Uhuru Peak. From there you can see Africa in every direction. It is a spectacular view that should not be missed.

What are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to climb Kilimanjaro. All of our 2017 Group Climbs are on sale. Check out our dates and prices here:

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