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After booking your Peak Planet Kilimanjaro climb and receiving your confirmation email, you believe you are all ready to go for your epic trip to Tanzania, Africa. You have trained for the multi-day hike and all of your bags are packed, but where will you put all your stuff and does sleeping in the dirt really sound that great after walking all day? Well don’t worry, you won’t be sleeping in the dirt. You’ll be sleeping in a Vango tent. The tents are roomy enough for two people, plus gear. The tents have been designed with an added vestibule or porch on the outside for additional room. There are pockets on the inside for your headlamp, book, phone, camera or other small items. Screened windows that control the amount or airflow inside the tent are easily accessible.
vango tent
Best of all, a porter will carry it for you, set it up, take it down and keep an eye on it when you are away from it. After you start trekking for the day, the porters will take down your tent and carry it to the next camp. When you arrive it will already be set up for you with your extra bag in it. All you have to do when you arrive at camp is drop your daypack inside, take a nap, change your clothes, curl up with a book or review your photos from the day.

In addition to the provided tent, you can also rent a sleeping pad and sleeping bag from us to use while on the mountain. View them here:

Who is Vango?

Vango is a trusted United Kingdom company that has been creating innovative outdoor equipment for over 40 years. As a result, they know how to create a tent that is durable and waterproof. Vango designers worry about the elements so you don’t have to.

And finally, if you want more information, you can watch our video below.

Vango Tent Video

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