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    DC solar pump system mini
    1.Product Details
    1500w submersible solar pump 180v deep well dc solar powered water pump solar powered water pump system for agriculture
    solar submersible water pump for irrigation is mainly used for all kinds of water supply, fountain, solar system and all other field requires solar submersible water pump for irrigation, widely used in industries, agricultural irrigation, petrochemical industries, medicinal industries, and all kinds of water process.
    1. Auto-operation, labor free Modular design,
    2.easy to maintain International advanced components,
    3.safe and reliable
    3.Product Parameters
    DC systemPumpControllerSolar module
    Model No.Pump modelDaily water flow(m³)Pump head(M)Model No.Power (Kw)Min MPPT Voltage(V)Max Open-circuit Voltage(V)Model No.Power(kW)ConfigurationJunction box
    DC10/22-110SHP10/22-11051~3312~22SPD1KV61110300250P1.56PCS*11 To 1
    DC4/45-110SHP4/45-11024~1732~45SPD1KV61110300250P1.56PCS*11 To 1
    DC3/70-110SHP3/70-11016~1145~70SPD1KV61110300250P1.56PCS*11 To 1
    DC1.8/100-110SHP1.8/100-11011~570~100SPD1KV61110300250P1.56PCS*11 To 1
    1.System Structure
    The solar pumping system mainly consists of PV modules, solar pumping controllers and pumps.
    2.Principle of Operation
    The PV modules supply electricity to inverter.
    The controller converts DC into AC to drive pump according to the intensity of sunshine.Solar Pump System suppliers

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