• astao306
    July 9, 2020 at 1:28 am #17729

    Gr1 Gr2 Seamless Titanium Capillary Tubes
    Item Name Titanium Capillary tubes
    Grade Titanium Gr1,Gr2
    Standard ASTM B337,ASTM B338,ASTM F67,ASTM F136
    (mm) Outer diameter Wall thickness Length
    0.8-10 0.06-2.5 Less than 3000
    Surface feature Uniform metallic luster,nooxidation,no hydrogenated, no discoloration,no scratches,no glitches,no distortion
    Applications 1) Petrochemical industry
    2) Aerospace
    3)Medical apparatus and instruments
    4) Shipbuilding
    5) Sea water desalination
    6) Heat exchanger and condenserChina Titanium Tube suppliers

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