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    About Us
    GUANGDONG CROWNROAD NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a National High-Tech Enterprise that is specialized in producing, selling, R&D surface treatment materials. CrownRoad has established a senior expert R&D team for the preparation of provincial engineering center and built up long-term strategic relationship with raw material suppliers from USA, Germany, Italy, etc……
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    Our Product
    Polyester Glitter Powder, Rainbow Glitter Powder, Holographic Glitter Powder, Aluminium Glitter Powder, Polyester Film, Cosmetic Glitter, Crystalina Glitter, Alpha Jewels Glitter, Micronic Jewels Glitter, Polyester Pearls Glitter, Electric Jewels Glitter.
    Product Application
    Cosmetic Glitter Applications, Glitter for Adhesive Applications, Fashion Glitter Applications, Greeting Card Glitter, Floral Glitter, Fiberglass Glitter, Craft Glitter Applications, Printing Glitter Applications, Aerosol Glitter Applications.
    Our Certificate
    Our Service
    Pre-sales: professional sales and customer service staff one-on-one answer;
    Sales: strict QC is executed in every production process to ensure timely delivery according to quality and quantity;
    After-sales: professional customer service staff carry out logistics tracking, quality feedback and answer doubt.
    Our History
    In March 2009, CrownRoad was incorporated. As the sales agent of Holographic Film and Rainbow Film manufactured by Taiwan K Laser and Taiwan-funded Smatech, CrownRoad became the main supplier of the Holographic Film and Rainbow Film in South China.
    In 2010-2013, CrownRoad increased the sales of PET Film from Zhejiang Qiangmeng Industry, the president unit of China PET Film Industry Association, in the South China.
    In October 2013, glitter powder project was launched, and one glitter powder production line began mass production.
    2014, with the expansion of production scale, CrownRoad doubled the output.
    In 2015, participating in many global professional exhibitions, CrownRoad cleared the enterprise development direction that is to explore new industries and fields with technological innovation.
    In 2016, CrownRoad started developing upstream, adding a vacuum aluminum-plating branch to achieve one-stop production from raw materials to finished products.
    In 2017, moved into the Longhu Headquarters Industrial Park, CrownRoad doubled the production scale and won the national high-tech enterprise certification.
    In 2018, establishing factory in Haojiang area and six production lines, CrownRoad became a large-scale production base of glitter powder in China.
    Production Market
    Since its establishment in 2013, CrownRoad has relied on its high stability, unique pioneering and excellent supply service system, and its sales performance has been rising锛宻old in many countries and regions around the world.
    2019Goal 3300
    Our Factory
    CrownRoad is the first glitter powder enterprise in China that has won the national high-tech enterprise certification. Meanwhile, it has set up a consultant team of provincial engineering center which consists of excellent talents such as Dr. Returnees from South Dakota State University and Masters of inorganic chemistry from South China University of Technology, obtaining a number of patented technologies by continuous innovation and R&D…..
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    Production Equipment
    High Temperature Coating Machine锛孋utting Machine锛孲litting Machine锛孷acuum Plating Machine
    Production Process
    The production of glitter powder is generally divided into electroplating, coating, slitting, cutting, sievin, powder-removing and packaging. The core process related to quality is the coating process which will determine the brightness, the heat stability and the solvent resistance of products. CrownRoad configures large-scale coating equipments, selects superior imported raw materials, strictly controls the color detection system during the production process, and using environmentally-friendly toners and water-based solvents to ensure not only the colors and the strong metal texture but also the excellent properties and the environmental benefits of the products.
    Company Culture
    Corporate Philosophy:
    Core values: green, honesty. Green is the essence of life and the source of sustainable development. The environmental protection concept, 鈥渂e a responsibly green corporate citizen鈥? runs through every detail in CrownRoad. On the basic principle of using green and eco-friendly raw materials and the fundamental premise of developing and promoting the concept of green and eco-friendly, CrownRoad makes every effort to promote the green of products and materials of surface decoration. Fulfilling promises that are made, that is called 鈥渉onesty鈥? Every member of CrownRoad keeps and fulfills their promises, insisting on offering high-quality glitter with stable properties and the best service to customers, and developing hand in hand with business partners on the basics of honesty.
    Business Philosophy:
    To be the representative of manufacturers of high-quality glitter, CrownRoad insists on a quality concept that is 鈥渘ot the largest, but the strongest鈥? regarding technological innovation as the source of sustainable development, committing to changing “made in China” to “created in China”, breaking through the technical bottleneck of traditional production processes, making every effort to develop the latest technologies to manufacture the best glitter.
    Talent Philosophy:
    Talent is the core assets the fundamental competitiveness of CrownRoad, and it鈥檚 the driving force of the sustainable development of CrownRoad. As an enterprise advocating and pursuing technological innovation, CrownRoad believes that, a first-class enterprise must be equipped with first-class talents. Meanwhile, CrownRoad makes every effort to provide the best development platform, salary and welfare for every employee to let everyone promote together, sharing achievements and honors.Biodegradable Silver Glitter quotation

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